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Over the years, Dermaide Research Corporation has received many letters from satisfied customers. Look below and read a few of the many wonderful stories customers have shared.

I have been using raw aloe for all things. the nice thing about dermaide is the taste !!. The bitter taste with raw aloe makes it undesirable, you have taken the bitter out and I can now use it on my children. Thanks for sticking to nature while making a good WORKING PRODUCT.
        mosquito headquarters..

[NOTE: do not eat Dermaide Aloe Cream]

* * *

Dr. Hagstrom,
Wanted to pass along an interesting story to you. On July 26, I delivered a baby girl, Sophia. Two days later, she respiratory arrested at home and was transported to the ICU at All Children's Hospital St. Petersburg, FL. One of my first requests as Mark ran back and forth to the house was the jar of Dermaide. Sophia had many, many tests run including a continuous EEG that was on for a week. After 3 days of the EEG, they reconfigured the leads; on that day, I coated her head in Dermaide. When they finally took them all off at the end of 7 days, they warned me that her head would have numerous red and open crusted areas from the leads. Much to their surprise, she had not a mark on her head!
        I showed Dr. Cassadonte, the neurologist, the jar of Dermaide and explained how I had used it. I followed up with him yesterday and he has told his staff to order the Dermaide to be used on his EEG patients. Just thought I would pass this along. Another great success story for Dermaide!
        Thanks so much and hope all is well with you.

        C R H

* * *

May I tell you how pleased I am with the product Dermaide! For years I have had extremely dry skin, especially in the winter due to having eczema when I was a child and because of this great product, I no longer have to put tape on my fingers because they crack and bleed. Dermaide applied 3 or 4 times a day has done the trick. I wouldn’t be without it.
        My husband used it for shaving as I do and would you believe he contemplated having hemorrhoid surgery and instead used Dermaide and it actually shrank the hemorrhoids because it contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient. We were amazed!
        I have a jar of Dermaide in every room in my house. Thanks for coming to my rescue Dermaide.

        J. S.
        Houston, Texas

* * *

This note is very late, if you ran your business the same way you would be out of business. Thank you for your promptness in sending my order of Dermaide Aloe Cream.
        I became acquainted with this product while a patient of Dr. Robesson’s at Billings Hospital in the late 70’s.
        Prior to that time I had a mastectomy and began reconstruction, but the blood supply to my chest was limited and the tissues began to die. Dr. Robesson prescribed daily debriding and complete bed rest along with applications of Dermaide.This saved the transplanted tissue!
        Over the years, I have enjoyed using your product as a foundation cream and also for Healing. Dermaide is a great product.

        L. G.
        Decatur, IL

* * *

This product has proven to be very good for my skin and I wish to use it for my 83 year old mother. I heard of it from my sister who discovered it was very beneficial to her mother-in-law during her final illness in relieving cracks and skin ulcers.
        Please send me a catalog if you offer other products. I will certainly pass on to others how well this product is working.

        Thank you,
        M. I.
        Corryton, TN

* * *

Recently I purchased a jar of your aloe cream at Soloman Cooper Drug Store. It is the most wonderful facial cream I have ever used. I use it on my whole body now. It stops the itching and makes it feel soft and moist. Everyone should know about it. Sorry I didn’t discover it a long time ago.
        I have been telling my friends about it. You should advertise it.

        M. W.
        Chicago, IL

* * *

Not only do I use Dermaide on sunburns for my children (it works wonders). I have also discovered its healing powers on open cuts. I recently started using it on my skin. I found it softens lines dramatically.
        If you ever are looking for a distributor in Florida (lots of sun) I’m your woman.

        J. C.

* * *

This is just a small note to say thank you for such a wonderful product. I have used Dermaide cream for the past three years. I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried many products finding none which did not give me a rash or some redness. Since I have used your product my skin not only looks better, it feels better. There is no greasy residue from your cream which is a definite plus. Thanks to all who are responsible for this wonderful product. Please let me know of any other products in the Dermaide line, I would be anxious to try them all.

        K. A.

* * *

I have never written to a company before, but I wanted you to know just how highly I think of your product, Dermaide Aloe Cream.
        My sister recommended it to me and told me it was a great first aide cream, but also said it was great as a moisturizer for her face and entire body. I have very dry skin and was a little skeptical at first. I tried her cream and am a true believer in your product. It not only leaves my entire skin very smooth and flexible, it absorbs almost immediately and is completely non greasy. The tiny dry lines around my eyes and lips have completely disappeared. Now I know nothing will stop the aging process, but your product sure seems like the next best thing to the “fountain of youth.”
        One of the best things about Dermaide is that it has many uses. I use it faithfully as a moisturizer, but I also use it in the kitchen four burns and cuts. My daughter, age 14, uses it to control any acne she may get. She also has a slight case of eczema and it is working wonders for her skin.
        All in all, your product is wonderful. I just wish it were advertised more so other people could also benefit and it would be easier to find.
        Please do not ever stop making this product.

        B. K.
        Justice, IL

* * *

I am writing to tell you how happy I am that you have come up with this product. As of now, I have ordered 18 jars of Dermaide, 6 at a time.
        First of all, I should tell you that I am a natural redhead with very fair complexion. Every summer when I go outside, I must put on my sun block 30 and wear long sleeve shirts as well as long pants. When I was 17 and didn’t realize how bad the sun could hurt your skin, like all other teenagers, I was trying my darnest to get somewhat of a tan. Needless to say- I burnt very bad because I fell asleep on my back for four hours with a two-piece swimsuit on. My skin doctor said that could have been the start of my skin problem and waited till 1986 to show the damage.
        Seven years ago, at the age of 36, I was diagnosed with “Actinic Keratosis” on the tops of my arms and hands. My doctor first tried liquid nitrogen on my hands which took two days to get them all, my right hand had 19 blisters and my left had 27. Over the years, the doctor has tried different kinds of medicine to clear this up but every winter I’m going through another treatment. This year he tried something new called “Actinex.” It brought out the keratosis faster and in a lot of places, I have no more dry sores. I noticed my feet and legs had spots so I used the medicine there also and needless to say, they looked as bad as my arms.
        Since this is the first year for my feet and legs to know keratosis, they haven’t had a chance to scar like my hands and arms. After using the Actinex for 28 days I was suppose to use a prescription cream to help clear up the sores. That’s when I found out about Dermaide, March of the year.
        I have used the Dermaide only on my feet and legs and I am happy to report that I have no scars! It has also lightened the scars on my arms and hands and they aren’t so noticeable now. I use Dermaide on my face, arms, hands, legs, and feet at least twice a day and sometimes more on my hands, I really love this cream.
        I am sending 3 photos that were taken of me in 1986 after my first treatment of liquid nitrogen and all the actinic keratosis on my arms had shown up. Please send these back after you look at them. I keep them in my purse at all times to remind me not to go out into the sun and I also show other people what can happen if you do. So far, my problem is not cancer and with help of your cream, I hope it stays that way. I gave the papers you sent me to my skin doctor and he has seen the difference on my skin so hopefully he will start recommending your cream to other patients.
        I have also told a lot of friends here in Oregon about Dermaide and how wonderful it is so hopefully you’ll have plenty of orders to send out. You can count on me to keep ordering because it has done wonders for my skin, scars and the fading of my antinic keratosis. Once again, thank you so very much for making this FANTASTIC cream!

        G. C.

* * *

You asked me for the Pros and Cons of Dermaide at the ABA Convention.

Excellent moisturizer for healed skin and grafts
Consistency – soft, pliable, easy to apply
Rubs into skin easily
Greaseless, odorless
Will not stain clothes
Washes off easily
Will not affect elastic compression garments
Excellent for itching

Hard to find locally
Not available in larger quantities.

        I. M.
        Burlington, VM

* * *

Thank you for the samples of Dermaide to evaluate in the radiation survey for the treatment of radiation skin reactions. I also appreciate all the information you included.
        As I explained to you, I am in graduate school in Nursing with a focus on oncology. As an Enterostomal Therapy Nurse, I am frequently consulted for evaluation and treatment of various skin reactions and for non healing wounds. I have been able to spend some time in a VA radiation therapy department and have seen some severe skin reactions. As this patient population has perhaps more risk factors than the general population, it has been a challenge to provide prevention and appropriate skin care in order to continue their radiation treatment.
        Your product looks very interesting and should provide appropriate soothing and enhanced healing properties. I have already shared this information with the physician assistant in our radiation therapy department at Tamp General. As we already stock your product, she was very interested in using it. I will provide the Clinical Nurse Specialist at the VA hospital in Tampa with the samples and literature that you provided me for us to evaluate during my rotation there.

        A.E., RN, BSN, CETN, OCN
        Tampa, FL

* * *

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