The History of DermaideĀ®

Pure aloe vera was extracted in the research laboratories at the world-renowned University of Chicago. The properties of aloe vera, which can be beneficial on a thermal injury and promote the healing process of the type of injury include:

  • An ability to penetrate tissue
  • An anesthetic property
  • A microbicidal capability (antibacterial)
  • An inflammatory inhibitor
  • A vasodilating mediator, thus increasing the blood supply to the area.

Aloe was also proven to have a beneficial additive effect in that it promotes wound healing.

Inspired by recurring anecdotal testimonials, coupled with the above beneficial properties, Dermaide Research Corporation was formed and subsequently provided additional scientific credibility for the magical properties of this wondrous plant, aloe vera.

The company developed a topical cream-based formulation, of not less than 70 percent concentrated aloe, for easy and painless application. Based on the outcomes of topical therapy with Dermaide aloe, the investigators felt they had also confirmed the permeability of topical Dermaide. These studies, hallmarks in science, provided the initial scientific proof of the efficacy of aloe vera as a potential therapeutic product.

Dermaide Research Corporation provided the leadership so essential to product development by promoting the cream and stimulating the scientific community to acknowledge the real and factual scientific data confirming the beneficial aspects of Dermaide.

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